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(Yahoo!) - There's good news for aging amateur music critics. There seems to be new interest in your opinions on the latest hip-hop releases — as long as you have some notoriety.

First there was 71-year-old Lou Reed reviewing Kanye West's Yeezus. Now Ellen GrossmanJay-Z's onetime R train mate, is holding court on Hova's new Magna Carta Holy Grail.

The 67-year-old Grossman gained notoriety when Jay sat next to her as he rode the R train to Brooklyn's Barclay's Center for his final gig there last year. The chance encounter was captured in the documentary Where I'm From.

Now MTV News caught up with Grossman and asked her to give a listen to Jay's latest. Although she admitted she might not be able to catch every rhyme, but she's done her homework on the album. "It sounds like he's going deep into his heart and into fatherhood and even the meaning of fame," she said. He's rapping "that the money's nice, but there's life beyond that, that he's exploring. I picked that up from the papers, but I felt it in the man too, when I met him. That he had depth to him."

Like Lou Reed, Grossman is also an artist, but she dabbles in visual arts, rather than hip-hop. Still, she seems to understand Hova's vibe. "I don't get all of the words but I get a lot of them and I'm really enjoying it," she said. "I like jazz and what's called 'new music' and I can relate to all the soundscapes, it's really innovative stuff."

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