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The question pertains to the National Do Not Call Registry.


Here’s the question:  A friend of mine sent me an e-mail advising me to call 888-382-1222 to get on a no-call list that lasts for 5 years.  Do you know anything about this number being legitimate?


Bottom Line:  That phone number is legit.  It’s the phone number for the National Do Not Call Registry.  Here’s what you need to know:


  • Mobile phone numbers don’t need to be registered (It’s already illegal to spam call cell phone numbers with express consent from you)
  • Being on the list enables your to be protected from all telemarketing and related solicitation
  • After you’ve been on the list for three months if you receive any improper phone calls you can file a complaint with the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) and action can be taken against those responsible via this site:


No the registry won’t preclude you from all unwanted calls.  The following organizations are exempt:


·         Political Organizations

·         Charities

·         Telephone surveyors

·         Some insurance situations

·         Organizations with which you have a relationship


So yes go ahead and sign up your landline phone if you’re so inclined.


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The most important conversation you can have prior to getting married:


Bottom Line:  The leading cause of divorce cited by couples…  Money.  That’s nothing new.  This research is though. 


  • Organization 45% of divorced couples never had a serious discussion about money or finances prior to getting married (according to

The good news is that with this information we actually have a good chance of being able to address the biggest cause of divorce.  Perhaps we’d find out that we’re not the match we thought we were and won’t get married.  In many more circumstances I’d imagine that we’d be on the same page entering marriage that would allow the marriage to develop on a more sound foundation without as much disagreement, angst and argueing.  It’s rare that there are easy solutions for complex and serious issues but laying the financial groundwork for a marriage prior to tieing the knot may be one of those circumstances.  Here’s to a long happy marriage! 


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The one number that most illustrates the benefit of promoting from within:


Bottom Line:  I’m a big, big believer in the concept of promoting from within.  The benefits are many.  In my experience the following is true when you do promote from within your business:


  • Greater productivity by other employees that understand that they have the opportunity for upward mobility
  • Improved employee morale for the reason cited above
  • Healthy competition to standout as a valuable employee
  • Low turnover


With that in mind here’s new information from Manpower… 


  • Those hired from within are fired 61% less of the time than those who are hired from the outside


That’s a tremendous difference!  One of the biggest “hidden” costs of doing business is turnover and all of the expense attached to:


  • Unemployment insurance
  • Recruitment
  • Training
  • Lower productivity during the process

 So when you weigh the benefits of promoting from within along with cost risk associated from looking outside, it’s almost a no-brainer unless you truly don’t have a viable internal candidate for the position you’re looking for in your company.


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The inside job...  vetting integrity is really important - most employee theft isn't reported:


Bottom Line:  Staying on the employee subject for a moment…  The most common form of theft in the workplace is now employee theft.  Sad but true.  But here’s the thing.  A big part of the reason that the problem is so prevalent and so many business become victims of the inside job, is because the previous businesses that were victimized didn’t report the theft. 


  • 64% of small businesses report theft has occurred by employees (and those are just the businesses that have caught an employee in the act)
  • Just 16% of businesses report theft when it occurs


So what that means is that the overwhelming majority of employees busted for theft in the workplace will not have a record to show for their dishonesty.  That means that the resume and a background check wouldn’t reveal the risk that’s associated with these dishonest individuals.  This speaks to the need to fully vet integrity and check references fully before hiring an employee. 


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Have a Discover card?  You can now get free access to your credit score:


Bottom Line:  It’s nice when you don’t have to do anything differently and you’re rewarded.  Such is the case with Discover Card.  If you have a Discover Card you now have a free new monthly benefit.  The ability to obtain your FICO score for free. 

The FICO score is the most widely used single credit score by lenders today.  Discover card has teamed with Trans Union to offer you the free service with updated information monthly.  The service if you were to purchase it costs $19.95 for each report, so it’s a significant value.  Enjoy! 


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The latest big the Apple wants to do:


Bottom Line:  Lots of noise about an iCar has been rumored this week.  The main reason is Elon Musk.  The Tesla founder mentioned that he has had discussions with Apple about the auto industry.  Now let’s be clear.  Apple isn’t going to co-develop a car.  Not now and unlikely ever.  But Apple does have open development on an in car system.  This is something they’d like to bring to market sooner than later.  So what would it be?


The “iCar” setup would be a fully integrated iOS system for an automobile that would be completely voice controlled.  Changing the radio station.  Adjusting the car temp.  Finding a movie for the kids to watch.  Sounds pretty neat right?  Well here’s what we know.  What Apple wants to do and what they actually produce aren’t always insync these days.  I’d say that until we have Apple TV, the iWatch, etc. we’re not likely to see this product.  


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