Cheat Sheet Q&A - The weather app Climendo revisited:


Here are a couple of the notes I received following my introduction of the Climendo weather app as a new and potentially best in class technology:

Perhaps you should read reviews before speaking so glowingly about something. This app does not work! I couldn't even get it to open.. It seems a lot of other people are having the same problem.

Different note:

Thanks for the tip on the weather app.  The developers admit it's not as smooth as the IOS version (3 out of 5 stars). They promise a free upgrade in a few weeks to all who purchase now. I did at 99 cents. So far I really like it.


Bottom Line:  It figures that as I was talking about this app it was having problems opening for certain devices. Works for free if you want to get a feel for it (or if you’ve tried to use the app without success so far).  I won’t go through all of the features again (look at Friday’s Cheat Sheet if you want that info) but I am sorry for talking about the new app and some people experiencing issues.  This app is only the 2nd paid app I’ve ever talked up and it was based upon what I’ve seen on the website.  As the gentleman who left second example mentioned the developers are promising that you won’t have to pay for the updates which will make the app more reliable.  The website has worked every time I’ve tried it.  It is impressive technology imo & I do have confidence they’ll get it right.


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The best and worst counties for property tax - PBC & Martin compares (you're paying for paradise):


Bottom Line:  So how do our County based property taxes rank in SFL compared to the rest of the country?  Based on my headline you already have an idea. 


SmartAsset recently studied property tax value across all 3143 counties in the country.  The kept it pretty simple.  Overall county imposed property taxes averaged out against crime rate.  Florida didn’t have any in the top ten.  Conversely Florida did have 3 of the top ten worst values.  They are: 


  • EscambiaCounty at #9
  • ManateeCounty at #4
  • MonroeCounty at #3

So what about Martin and Palm Beach counties…?  I performed my own diligence and with info from found the following:


  • MartinCounty has the 273rd highest property taxes in the country out of 3143 counties

That looks decent compared to PBC though…


  • Palm BeachCounty has the 163rd highest property taxes in county

Now this is just the county tax.  It doesn’t account for imposed municipal taxes but in PBC in particular that makes an expensive situation much worse generally speaking.  So yes, we are paying an additional price for paradise.


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Home appreciation - stark difference between luxury & non-luxury homes (what to know before you list):


Bottom Line:  We just received significant information from the National Association of Realtors that paints a much different picture regarding what’s going on with real-estate prices nationally.  If you pay attention to the month to month movement of the housing market you know that the recovery has been moderating.  Year over year gains have been coming down to the low single digits (after two + years of double digit increases off of the bottom in the housing market).  But the underlying fundamentals in the most recent month demonstrated that there is a very significant change in the housing market based on the price of a property.  Here are the year over year changes for property values nationally by price range:


  • Under 100k:  -14.5%
  • 100-250k:  -6.6%
  • 250-500k:  -2.5%
  • 500k-1M:  -1.7%
  • 1M+:  4%

So the luxury property appreciation is papering over some underlying fundamental concerns with all other properties.  It’s just one month so it’s too soon to draw broad based conclusions but if the housing recovery falls apart I’ll have bigger concerns about the economy at large.  I don’t believe the economy is strong enough to fight upstream against a negative housing market if that were to occur.  I believe these results are a result of institutional investors


On the bright side, if you’ve been looking for a decent value on a more affordable home, this could be a great opportunity. 


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A reminder of why you should tip well for good service - how much the average waiter & waitress earns per hour:


Bottom Line:  Hopefully you’re not one to take the cheap way out when tipping.  Incase you are though here’s something to think about. 


  • The average hourly earnings by a waiter or waitress in the US is about $10 per hour

That’s factoring in the people who work at the fine dining locations, so you can imagine what it must be like for those who don’t.  In other words, the average waiter or waitress earns about what an entry level person would at most other types of companies (or even the dishwasher at the restaurant).


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If you're having trouble filling entry level to mid-level positions in your company you're not alone: 


Bottom Line:  Staffing company Express Employment Professionals conducts and annual survey of franchise hiring demands and needs.    This year’s survey of 115 franchise businesses revealed a problem with hiring that might seems odd at first glance. 

Franchises are having a hard time getting people to apply for jobs.  Express found the following:


  • 83% of franchises reported problems filling open positions

The most common problems:


  • 52% say a lack of applications!
  • 13% say they can’t pay enough to attract people
  • 10% each for lack of experience & hard skills

These aren’t STEM positions that require very specific skills and education.  We’re talking about your average everyday work at franchised business.  This along with the 20% who said that applicants don’t have work experience or hard skills would seem to suggest a narrative I discussed last week.  College students need to be working to the extent they can while in college and may need to temper their expectations on their first job out of college.


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