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Topic \ Question:  More on the Malaysian aircraft:

I was curious as to why the Malaysian Airline or government took the time to Photoshop the photos of the two Iranian passengers with fake passports. They had different heads but the same bodies...what the Hell is going on?


Bottom Line:  It’s been 38 days since the aircraft went missing.  Still no answers.  About a month ago (March 19th) I took the time to share the following observation about all of “coincidences” with 9-11 that would have had to have happened for the two Iranian men with stolen passports to not be part of the story:


  • 9-11 hijackers were young men from the Middle East…  Check, the two stolen passports went two two young men from Iran


  • 9-11 hijackers were Islamists…  Check, the two Iraians were/are Islamists


  • 9-11 hijackers used false Id’s at various points leading up to the attacks…  Check stolen ID’s used to board the plane


  • 9-11 hijackers used large commerical planes are weapons…  We have a missing large commerical plane


Add one more to that list…  If you haven’t heard that there was some aparent photo minipulation with the airport images of the two Iranians with the stolen passports…  Surprise! 


In yet another angle that has been igonored by mainstream US media, the two photos of the two Iranians that had been realeased when they were preparing to board the flight have indeed been altered.  It’s not a consiracy.  It has acutally been confirmed by the Malaysian police.  They issued this statement:  It was a mistake that occurred when someone photocopied the images.  They said “it was not done with malice or to mislead”.  Ok.  Fine.  Just add this as yet another coincidence that has to be a coincidence for the two Irainian passengers to not be part of the story.  Meanwhile we still have a missing plane and no answers. 


The investigation has cleared any of the passangers of wrong doing and is focused just on the piolets at this time.  While the piolets are certainly a key part of the story I can’t help but to think there is much more we’re not being told.  The question the becomes…  what’s the angle?  Is our Government in conjuction with the Malaysians attempting to supress fear of another 9-11?  More questions than answers still exist.  And too many coincidences to simply be conincidences. 


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A program enables you to buy a home even if you lost yours to distress in just 1 year:


Bottom Line:  There is a newer little known home buying program that exists for you if you were a victim of the housing crisis and lost your home to distress due to a one time event.  It’s called the FHA “Back to work Program”.  Its enables:


  • A previous homeowner who lost a home to foreclosure, short sale or a deed in lieu to purchase a property again after just 12 months


To be eligible for the program:


  • You need to show a loss of income of at least 20% for six consecutive months leading up to the distressed property event


  • You need to show a solid credit history before the event and since you got back on your feet


  • You need to have a credit score of at least 640 or have gone through a HUD authorized counseling program


This is perfect for the person who lost a job or significant income in their existing job due to no fault of their own.  I believe there are as many people in South Florida that could benefit in this program as anywhere in the country. 


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Don't buy insurance for your bags when you fly...  You're already covered:


Bottom Line:  USA Today’s travel section is pretty decent.  They made a bit of an error yesterday in my judgment.  They ran a story extolling the virtues of purchasing baggage insurance (from a local Cleveland reporter).  Here’s the thing… You’re already covered. 


The insurance the reporter referenced was $5 per bag for $1000 worth of coverage if your bag is lost or misplaced for four or more days.  That might sound reasonable expect that you’re already promised coverage of at least 3 times that without spending an additional penny on the coverage.  Here’s what Federal regulations mandate for baggage coverage:


  • Up to $3300 if your bags are lost or late to your destination in a way that causes you additional expenses


  • The average US airline actually covers up to $5000 worth of losses (above the Federal mandate)


So what do you need to do to ensure that you’re made whole if your bags are lost or misplaced?


The airlines aren’t just going to hand you thousands of dollars.  You need to prove the value of the items lost.  The best way to do this is to take a picture of the contents of your bags in the airport prior to checking them.  From there if you have expenses incurred from lost or late baggage you can provide receipts to the airline to receive proper compensation.  So does this work? 


Yes from personal experience I can tell you it does.  Last year in route to Hawaii our bags were sent to the wrong location and were effectively lost for just over two days.  During that time Ashley and I purchased two bathing suits and two changes of clothing each.  The total expense was about $600.  We provided the receipts to the airline responsible and received complete compensation with no hassle.


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If you have $1500 burning a hole in your pocket and really do want Google Glass...:


Bottom Line:  Google Glass has been a bit of a cultural phenomenon over the last year.  The “Explorer Program”, which is really a glorified beta testing program, has enabled about 1000 individuals to own and use the expensive new wearable technology.  Because of its innovative nature and exclusivity, any new first with these glasses is reported.  For example the first traffic citation involving a wearer of Google Glass and when one of the devices was stolen from a wearer on the streets of San Francisco.  If you’ve been desirous of becoming an owner today is your day.  But only today for now. 


Google, starting at 9 this morning, is accepting applications for more entrants to the Explorer program.  They’ve said that it’s only open today and they aren’t saying how many people will be allowed to purchase the Glass (other than saying that supplies are very limited).  It’s not clear if this is a bit of a publicity stunt or if they are just entering a new phase of a beta test program but if you’re interested today here is the direct link to get started:


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It's tax day.  Time to thank the wealthy:


Bottom Line:  I know, I know, the top 1% have already been thanked for paying for more than 30% of the Federal tax burden.  Oh what’s that, their actually demonized?  Well that doesn’t seem right.  So just how much are the wealthy and others set to pay on this tax day?  According the non-partisan TaxPolicyCenter:


  • The average tax bill for the top 1% of tax payers this year is $525,000


  • That’s an average increase of $36,000 over last year


  • All told the top 10% of tax payers will pay 53% of all Federal income taxes this year


That’s the story that you’ll surely not hear from the media or administration today.  You’re far more likely to hear more about the divide between upper income earner and the poor and how the wealthy don’t pay enough in taxes.  Which raises the question…  If 10% of Americans pay more than 50% of all Federal taxes…  How much is enough and when will those who benefit from the services provided by the wealthy thank them? 


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