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The Topic:  The names of the two Iranians with stolen passports:


I heard your piece last week about the media’s lack of identifying the names of the Iranian users of the stolen passports due to not wanting to offend anyone.  You seemed really upset about it.  I had not heard in all the news that had been reported anything about names except the “Mr. Ali” who purchased the one-way tickets for cash.  It took me all weekend to finally find an article (Breitbart) that had the names of the passengers who used the tickets Mr. Ali bought:

According to authorities, the Iranians using the passports were identified as 19-year-old Pouria Nour Mohammed Mehrdad and 29-year-old Delavar Seyed Mohammed Reza.


What are the odds this is just a coincidence?   


Bottom Line:  That’s my point.  Could it be…  yes its possible but...  At a time in which mainstream media outlets have disscussed every other possiblity including exploring the supernatural and paranormal; why is it that not one major US media outlet has further disscused these two Iranians.  More specifically why have their names been hidden?  As I citied on Friday, as soon as the info about the stolen passport info was out the day the flight went missing I began digging for info on the two people.  Info was sparce with US media but I was easily able to find the information in multiple European media outlets starting with the UK Guardian.  Let’s see how many coincidences would have to take place for them not to be part of the story:


  • 9-11 hijackers were young men from the Middle East…  Check, the two stolen passports went two two young men from Iran
  • 9-11 hijackers were Islamists…  Check, the two Iraians were/are Islamists
  • 9-11 hijackers used false Id’s at various points leading up to the attacks…  Check stolen ID’s used to board the plane
  • 9-11 hijackers used large commerical planes are weapons…  We have a missing large commerical plane

And those are just the surface level obvious similarities.  Does it mean they are guilty?  Of course not.  Does it seem a little too conicidential to not explore further – especially when we’ve explored every consiracy and paranormal theory?  Of course it does.  So I’ll say again…  What’s the motivation for our media and Government to not only ignore any possible involement by these two Iranians but actually untake action to supress their names?


I don’t pretend to have any answers with regard to the dissapearnce of the missing plane but I do have a pretty good sense of knowing when something doesn’t add up.  This doesn’t seem to add up or it’s one of the biggest coincendces we’ve seen in quite some time. 


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Cheat Sheet Q&A correction on Florida Alcohol proposals:


Bottom Line:  I need to issue a correction and revision to yesterday’s Cheat Sheet Q&A involving proposals being considered by the state that would change the sale and distribution of alcohol in our state. 


The listener shared concern over a proposal that would enable the sale of liquor right along side beer and wine in traditional grocers and retail stores.  I suggested that because of the multiple bills in Florida proposing different outcomes that perhaps he was confused.  I was the confused one. 


A deeper dive into proposed legislation that would alter alcohol distribution/sale in Florida revealed at least four different active bills in the Florida House.  It’s not terribly hard to miss them.  There are currently more than 1700 active bills to wade through.  That’s my job though and I failed to correctly identify the bill the gentleman was referring too until I shared incorrect information. 


That being said I’m not sure my position is necessarily different on the proposal.  While I understand the concern a parent might have with regard to easier access to harder alcoholic beverages than beer and wine, I’m not sure I can justify the difference.  I struggle with the varying level of moral authority suggesting that lower proof alcohol is acceptable but higher proof is not.  If we had different level ages for purchasing beer and wine vs. liquor I would understand but since the law is 21 regardless of the level of alcoholic content I’m not sure I can justify the difference. 


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How to get a better deal on a rental car:


Bottom Line:  Sometimes some of the best opportunities/deals are found through trial and error or by accident.  Such is the case with the rental car story I’m about to share. 


Have you ever started a transaction online with a company, not finish and later and find that the company is emailing you with discounts if you finish the transaction?  Ashley tells me this happens every time with Shutterfly for example.  Apparently it’s happening in the rental car world in a big way. 


A Consumer Reports research accidently discovered that most major rental car companies will potentially offer discounting if you’re able willing to wait a bit before booking your car.  Here’s what happened. 


He was trying to book a rental for personal use for a few days.  The cheapest price he found online was $83 per day (including taxes).  He didn’t like the price but he had input his name and email address.  He tried with several difference services and didn’t find better prices, so he decided to wait a few days to see if the prices would change to his benefit.  Here’s what he discovered. 


In subsequent days he began receiving emails from most of the rental car companies offering discounts if he would finish booking the rental car.  Within a week he received an offer he booked.  The exact same car, from the exact same company (Hertz), for the exact time horizon as the $83 per day cost originally was offered to him for $36 (including taxes).  That’s quite a savings.  If you have time flexibility in booking a rental car it may be a good idea to try this technique.


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Facebook just changed their formula and advertising is reaching just a third of the fans it used to:


Bottom Line:  If you suddenly experienced a drop off in your advertising result using Facebook, there’s a very specific reason.  The odds are you’re only reaching a third of the people you were before.   


Facebook has started doing what Google started years ago.  Using a new formula for how items are prioritized in the “news feed”.  The average Facebook user has 1500 items in their news feed per day!  Therefore most of it never is viewed by users.  Facebook will put the items that the most people interact with first in terms of priority in the news feed.  Since many companies acquired many of their likes through Facebook advertising and promotional campaigns the engagement levels with their pages tend to be low.  So the new formula punishes those Facebook pages and content posted by them.  When research firm Ogilvy studied the reach of Facebook advertising for the average company they found the following:


·         Average Facebook ad reach dropped from 6% of Facebooks fans to only 2%


So literally the average company is spending the same money for a third of the reach.  That likely won’t sit well with many companies.  In the meantime the best way to improve your ad reach is to have a high level of engagement (though comments on your Facebook page).


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When you're doing your financial planning make sure your wife is part of the process:


Bottom Line:  According to research from BostonCollege the biggest stressor by adult married women…  Long term financial security.  According to data from Fidelity men are 58% more likely to be the primary, and often only, contact with long term financial planners.  These two go hand in hand.  Let me through one other dynamic into this story.  The number one cause of divorce is financial stress.  So…  Guys if you’re in this situation you’d be well served by bringing your wife into the financial planning process.  Statistically your wife will outlive you and you can help reduce financial stress in the short and long run by having a full level of understanding about your financial status and long term outlook.  It might even save your marriage as well. 


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