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A recent discussion you had on TSA PreCheck was brought to my attention, and I wanted to expand a little.


TSA Precheck is a means to get through domestic security points swiftly. However, the new Global Entry Program allows passengers who are traveling internationally to clear Customs more swiftly upon returning to the U.S. Additionally, they will get through domestic TSA check points as well.


There are some countries that recognize the Global Entry program when entering their country as well.  It is noteworthy that the Port of Palm Beach is the only place in Palm BeachCounty that offers the Global Entry office.  We also have a TSA precheck office.


Bottom Line:  This is a terrific update.  Last week I spoke of the general effectiveness of TSA Precheck along with its limitations, the biggest of which is the lack of coverage for international travel and the most laborious screening process of them all...  Clearing customs.  That’s what sparked this note and today’s entry. 


I was not aware of the new Global Entry Program.  I investigated the service & it looks like a no-brainer if you were already inclined to use TSA Precheck and travel internationally – even if that’s infrequent. 


As stated in the entry, it works domestically just as TSA Precheck does but provides coverage for expedited customs screening in many foreign airports (and the list of airports is growing).  Additionally the average time savings when clearing US customs upon returning to the US – 70% faster.  That’s huge as I’ve never made it through a customs line in Atlanta (my most common re-entry point) upon return to the US in under 45 minutes. Here’s the reason it’s a near no-brainer if you’re inclined to do TSA precheck, it’s only $15 more ($100 vs $85).  Here is the link to the program:


Great share – thanks!


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Ok, so maybe your bank has been hacked...  Is it time to freak out?:

Bottom Line:  Ok so this time may really be different.  While its possible that isolated and quickly resolved small actual hacks of banks may have occurred over the years – there never has been potentially game changing event that has occurred.  The overwhelming “hacks” on banks that have occurred and been reported in recent years haven’t been anything other nuisance attacks know as “denial of service”. 

Denial of Service attacks are noting more than hackers direct a bunch of traffic at the servers, bank in the case of this story, bogging down the site so that customers can’t access their accounts.  In those situations which have frequently occurred and have been widely reported, no hacking of accounts and information ever occurred.  This looks like it might be different. 

The FBI did confirm that they are investigating, in conjunction with the Secret Service, bank hacking activity.  That’s about all we know other than the rumor that there are Russians ties to this.  The name Chase has been thrown out there as potentially the most impacted but we really don’t know at this point.  So this really could be more serious than what we’ve seen before but it’s not time to freak out unless…

With the reporting of this in the news the email scammers are out in force.  The scammers that will try to trick you clicking on a link in an email that looks legitimate from you bank.  These days they’re even including phone numbers that will lead you to someone posing as a banker!  Do not & I repeat DO NOT ever click on a link from any email that claims to be from a bank (even if it turns out to really be from your bank) or call a phone number from an email.  The scammers are preying on the news cycle and trying to get you to impulsively fall into this trap.  If you have a real concern go directly to the website of your bank and begin your query there or call the phone on your bank card – not the number in the email. 

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Best credit cards right now according to customer satisfaction:

Bottom Line:  Are you happy with the bank that backs all of your credit cards?  Over the past year 10% of Americans were unhappy enough with at least one of their credit cards that they canceled a card with a particular bank and started credit with a new one.  Apparently that worked out well generally because according to the 2014 JD Power customer satisfaction index overall credit card satisfaction was up 8% over last year.  As for the most favored bank cards by users:


  • #5 Wells Fargo
  • #4 U.S. Bank
  • #3 Barclaycard
  • #2 Chase
  • #1 American Express, Discover


Now it’s worth noting that the consumer favorite choice(s) happen to be the only two that control the entire process.  American and Discover are their own bank and servicers of their cards.  They also tend to offer great rewards programs which plays into the satisfaction.  It’s worth noting that they also are the most expensive for businesses to accept.  But if you’re a business person who won’t accept Amex or Discover because of the higher cost, vs. Visa and MasterCard, perhaps you could justify the increase in expense by virtue of those cards being the most popular to your customers. 

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Love stats or do you wonder if anyone really pays attention to your tweets?  Using Twitter just became a much more analytical experience:

Bottom Line:  If you’re familiar with the Facebook analytic tools this will make perfect sense to you.  If you use Twitter for business and/or professional purposes this will likely be a great asset (and should be).  You now have the ability to see just how engaged people really are with your tweets (this was previously reserved for paying advertisers only).  Demographic & geographic info, etc.  For business purposes you can see what time of day, what days, and what types of tweets work best.  You can see the inherent benefit.  Here’s a link to get started:

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