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Today’s Topic:  How do I get GM employee pricing if I have a recalled vehicle?


Hi Brian,


A while ago, you reported a story the GM will offer people who have a recall vehicle an employee discount on a GM car and that it would not be advertised.  I have a recall car and have not heard of that from GM.  Do you know if this is still offered?  Thanks


Bottom Line:  This offer from GM was initiated in early May.  Indeed it allows employee pricing for the purchase of a new GM vehicle for owners of a particular recalled vehicles, those which were recalled for ignition switch failures.  There are/were 2.6 million eligible vehicles on the road in the US.  There are six different affected models.  Here is the direct link to those models:


If you have one of those cars you should be eligible for the employee pricing.  If you are eligible get in touch with your GM dealer of choice and ask to participate in the program.  It should still be available to you. 


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How corrupt are Florida's public officials historically & how much does it cost us per year per household?:


Bottom Line:  We’ve been desensitized to Government corruption and waste.  It’s sad that when we hear Federal waste and corruption numbers in the hundreds of billions of dollars per year we don’t blink.  So I think it’s more effectual to talk about how much per year Government waste and corrupts costs you personally per year.  With that in mind… 

The University of Hong Kong in conjunction with IndianaUniversity studied corruption at the state level from 1976 to 2008.  The took their findings and indexed the cost for inflation and found the following: 

  • The average household cost for state corruption per year was/is $1308 per year
  • 5.2% of all state spending was based in corruption

So how do you think Florida ranked during that time? 

  • Florida was the 10th most corrupt state in the country during that 31 year period of time

Maybe with this type of information more people will take notice of the people who are making decisions with their tax dollars at the state level…  Maybe.


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2014's top colleges nationally and how Florida's college rank:

Bottom line:  Forbes provides the most comprehensive report of colleges in the country every year.  They literally rank almost all colleges in the US based on extensive criteria (including outcomes, graduation rates, cost, etc.).  Here are the top 5 nationally:

  • #5 MIT
  • #4 PrincetonUniversity
  • #3 SwarthmoreCollege
  • #2 StanfordUniversity
  • #1 WilliamsCollege

It’s worth noting that Yale & Harvard have fallen out of the top 5.  So how about Florida based colleges?  The news wasn’t great…  The highest ranked Florida based college came in at # 87.  Here’s a breakout of notable Florida colleges and how they rank nationally:

  • #87 University of Florida
  • #128 University of Miami
  • #226 FloridaStateUniversity
  • #405 University of CentralFlorida
  • # 492 LynnUniversity
  • #523 FloridaAtlanticUniversity
  • #539 FloridaInternationalUniversity

For the complete rankings and to find your school click here:


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How is our healthcare ROI in Florida compared to other states? 

Bottom Line:  We know that the cost of healthcare is expensive everywhere these days.  That being said when you compare the cost of healthcare and the outcomes of that healthcare state by state, how do you think we rank in Florida? 

Wallethub’s comprehensive analysis showed the following top three states for healthcare ROI: 

  • #3 Kansas
  • #2 Utah
  • #1 Minnesota

Here’s where we ranked:

  • #24 Florida

We came in 33rd for health ranking, 23rd for healthcare costs, 22nd Death Rate

For the complete breakdown click here:


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LinkedIn’s newest mobile feature could be the biggest advance in networking and meeting preparation to date for the social business network:


Bottom Line:  If you use LinkedIn as use the mobile app you should start to see a cool new feature when you view someone’s profile.  Any connections with people or common interests you share will automatically be highlighted for you.  What a neat way to quickly be able to find common interests prior to a meeting or to get a quick refresher.  


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