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Today’s topic:  Future of traditional radio


Today’s entry:  With apps like iHeartRadio and the native ability for Safari and the Android browser to stream, as well as streaming being built in to cars etc, do you think there will be a time where terrestrial broadcasting comes to an end? 


With the ability to stream very easily now why do you need large multi thousand watt transmitters that make you beholden to the FCC and their regulations as well as their control over content? 


Will cost pressures, regulation and the wide availability of IP connectivity do away with Marconi’s handy work?  Just something I’m curious of.  I was thinking myself I haven’t used a traditional radio in years.  Curious what you think.

Bottom Line:
  It’s funny because I’ve found many people that listen to us via iHeartRadio without even realizing that they’re listening to the internet feed rather than terrestrial station.  And that’s great from my perspective.  My/our stance is that we don’t care how you listen to us, we just care that you’re listening to us.  Our growth in listening (WJNO) via iHeart is 35% year over year and commonly a third to a half of all listening taking place does occur via the iHeart feed.  To answer your questions…


Yes I do think there will be a time in the future in which many stations would no longer need their traditional towers to remain successful.  Just as I’ve identified the future of TV watching as a streaming feed, the same will likely be true of radio as well.  With TV about 9% of US households currently have internet ready TV’s.  When the majority of US households have internet ready TVs, what’s online will be what’s on TV for the average person.  In radio that will be true when the average car (most common way people still listen to the radio) is internet ready equipped.  That will likely occur in a decade or so.


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Heads up - student loan rates are about to rise by 17%:


Bottom Line:  You may recall that changes to student loan subsidies occurred early this year.  The subsidies to artificially keep student loan rates low is set to change.  Currently the fixed student loan rate is 4%.  As of July 1st it will rise to 4.66% and will stay there for the next year.  That’s a 17% increase in just a few days.  I don’t know if you can take advantage of the current rates if needed with just two business days to lock in student loans but if you’re in process and/or can find a way its worth doing so.  It’s one rate or the other…  There is no in-between. 


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Update - Who Florida's Governor would be if the election took place today:


Bottom Line:  This is third time I’ve utilized my election formula to project Florida’s Gubernatorial outcome this year.  It’s the first time I’ve seen this result… 


Here’s the breakdown:  Historically undecided voters in Florida’s Gubernatorial election have historically broken as follows:

  • An avg. of 2.95% break for the GOP candidate
  • An avg. of 2.85% break for the Dem candidate


The average of the polling over the past month currently stands at:


  • 41.5 Crist
  • 42 Scott


So when you add in the late breakers… for the first time in this cycle Ric Scott would win.  Here’s where we would stand today:


  • Scott:  44.95%
  • Crist:  44.35%
  • Third party:  10.7%


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Costco adds Apple products - offering lowest advertised prices out of the gate:


Bottom Line:  Costco and Apple have finally come together. Soon you’ll find iPhones & iPads available at your local Costco. 

For years Costco customers have wanted the option to buy Apple products but they couldn’t come to terms with them.  The did yesterday and bonus they will have the best advertised deals on iPhones and iPads (at least for now)


For example with an iPhone 5s you choose your service provider and get the phone for $78 with a two year contract (vs. $199 as the going elsewhere).  The previous best advertised specials came from Wal-Mart & Radio Shack.  iPads will sell for $100 to $120 off. 


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