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Today’s Entry:  What parts of Florida are most commonly impacted by Tropical Storms & Hurricanes?


Bottom Line:  This is an interesting question.  In doing my research to answer this entry I learned a number of surprising pieces of information. 


First what city in the country is most commonly affected by a named storm & how frequently are they impacted based on all recorded information historically?:



·        CapeHatteras – N.C. every 1.37 years


In fact # 2 is also in North Carolina (MoreheadCity at 1.54 years between storms)


So about Florida  The first Florida city that comes up on the list of the most impacted places is… 



·        Boca Raton – 10th most impacted location – every 1.95 years


·        Miami is next up @ #11 at every 2 years tied with my old neighborhood (Savannah, GA)


As for other PBC based cities:


·        Boynton Beach is next up at #17 (2.03 years)


·        Palm Beach @ #22 (2.12 years)


·        Lake Worth @ #24 (2.15 years)


·        Jupiter @ #31 (2.22 years)



So while major hurricanes impacting our area happen an average of just about once every nine years – clearly we have to deal with tropical storms about every other year. 


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New free online calculator that lets you comparison shop for airfare factoring all fees:


Bottom Line:  This is no strings attached pure benefit.  It’s a new site called  It lets you put in destination information for air travel and provides you with the following: 


  • The pricing of the airlines flying from one airport to the other (based on what you input)


  • The pricing of the nearby airports for the same end destination


  • The range of prices paid during the course of the past year


  • The dates with the cheapest overall prices (easy to see on a calendar) & those that are more expensive


There’s much more to it but you get the idea.  It’s a great resource for evaluating air travel.  Here is the direct link:


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Where the "most stolen car list" really comes into play & how you pay for it regardless:


Bottom Line:  I’m always perturbed this time of year with the “most stolen car reports”.  Almost all of the cars reported as being the most stolen are popular mass produced models (of course!).  That being said there is a related piece of information you should know. 


You’re familiar with two of the questions your auto insurance company asks of you as it pertains to where you live and work.  They wanted the addresses (or at a minimum zip codes) of where your car is at home and at work.  Now that information is used to calculate your normal travel route and how many accidents take place that result in claims along that route but also how likely your car is to be stolen.  Here’s a stark example of what a big deal that can be. 


The cheapest price to insure a newer model Honda Accord for the average adult is in Bullhead CityArizona at $730.  Just 3 miles away from BullheadCity is Laughlin Nevada, one of the more expensive in the country.  If you’re in that zip code the cost would be $1280 per year!  So you can see just how impactful the zip code consideration for stolen vehicles can be.  It’s a hidden cost or benefit based on the safety of your home and work location. 


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The current state of home flipping - it’s much harder to be successful again:


Bottom Line:  I’ve reported quite extensively regarding the maturing housing recovery that includes greater than a 4% decline in existing home sales year over year.  Much of the decline has come from investors, specifically flippers, stepping out of the market.  By the numbers (from RealtyTrac):



  • A year ago at this time 6.2% of all existing home sales were by flippers


  • Today that number is at 4.6% of all existing home sales


In terms of profit:



  • The gross profit of the average flip a year ago was 31% (or about 60k)


  • The gross profit today is 21% or $46k


A flip is defined as a property that is purchased and resold within 12 months.  It is worth noting that Daytona Beach is the fifth best market for home flipping success & Miami is still well above average. 


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App mania is over.  We know what we like and we stay with our apps these days:


Bottom Line:  How often do you try out a new app on a mobile device?  If you’re the average adult you don’t download a new app within a given month.  In fact for the average person over 18, you only tryout a new app about once every three months!  Now our kids are still more likely to try out new apps as about two-thirds of them will try out a new app every month.  So there’s a clear takeaway here.


In business it’s far more important to worry about your website being mobile ready and easy to navigate on a tablet or smart phone than an app.  Clearly we, in general, know what apps we want and like and aren’t all that open to new ones.  And if you do have an app you want people to download and use, it had better be exceptional to capture the attention of adults and stay on a device in the unlikely event they download it. 


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