Jim Edwards

Hi Everyone - I have an update

An Update


Ten Bets You'll Always Win

Jim Edwards

Born: Providence, Rhode IslandLived: Everywhere (Navy Brat)I'm a veteran. I was in the Navy for six years, stationed in Winter Harbor, Maine, Kami Seya, Japan and Honolulu Hawaii. Pretty rough duty huh?I am married(37 years as of 2014)I have a 28 year old daughter with an art degree who decided to go into hair styling. That art degree serves her well in that profession. She's very good.I have a dog named Gabby(Toy Rat Terrier)I have a cat named Paris(Rescue)My favorite movie is(2) Godfather & Godfather IIOn-Air Vacation Fill-Ins 5am-9am

My favorite book is The Old Man and the SeaMy favorite food is spaghetti with meat sauceI have just started taking up golf again. I used to play a lot and then switched to tennis.


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