It sounds great!  Turn a couple of hundred dollars into a couple of thousand.  But, it's called the "Flipping Money" scam.  Victims are told to put money on a reloadable cash card, and when they supply the card information, they will get ten times their investment in return. 

But authorities say it never happens.  The crooks run away with your money, and consumer protection expert Eric Olsen says it's easy to get burned.

"The reason people continue to be defrauded in this way is that it plays on, to a certain extent our greed, but our need to possibly win something.  Especially if we're in a vulnerable state and not doing well financially."

He says these scammers are hard to catch.

"They're using social media.  They may be out of the country.  Often times these people are international criminals."

The age-old adage applies here, "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is." 

This scam has been reported in our state, so if anyone approaches you with a scheme to turn small amounts of up-front money into a large amount in minutes, report it to