The Palm Beach County Health Department is tracking four cases of food poisoning, and everyone got sick from eating the same thing.

A bacteria in raw oysters made people sick at two restaurants.

The Division of Hotels and Restaurants and local health officials are investigating food poisoning at New China Buffet, on Lake Worth Road in Greenacres, and Shinju Japanese Buffet on Glades Road in Boca Raton. Inspectors have been to the Boca restaurant nine times this year, and they're still finding dozens of violations, according to our Newschannel 5 partners.

In the state's latest report, 43 issues were found including 9 high priority violations for food that wasn't the right temperature or was stored improperly. Management says they're fixing the issues, and that is not what made some customers sick. The health department confirms it's a bacteria in the raw oysters that made people ill, but management at Shinju blamed customers for eating so much they got sick.

When inspectors followed up on the oyster illness at New China Buffet, they found the kitchen could be cleaner. There were 43 violations, and 8 were a high priority. Food was held at potentially hazardous temperatures and raw food was stored near cooked or ready to eat food.

The Health Department says you need to be careful when eating oysters, and restaurants have signs with this same warning.

Photo: Getty Images