If you're selling your car in Boynton Beach, don't leave it parked with a "For Sale" sign in a public parking lot.  The city last night passed an ordinance that allows the towing of such vehicles without prior notice. 

This affects cars left in gas stations, along the side of the road and any other place that is not the vehicle owner's personal driveway. 

Before this ordinance, city staff had to sticker the cars and notify the owners before calling out the tow truck.

At the same meeting, Boynton Beach City leaders also voted not to take an official position on All Aboard Florida, the high speed rail line that's expected to run from Miami to Orlando, with stops in West Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale along the way. 

Several cities in our area have taken a stance against the project, because of concerns over traffic and public safety. 

City leaders heard from All Aboard Florida officials and Boynton Beach residents. 

Photo: Shutterstock