Florida Gov. Rick Scott is calling on school districts across the state to approve pay raises for teachers.

Scott this year pledged $480 million so that teachers could get a $2,500 across the board pay raise. Legislators set aside the money, but they gave school districts leeway in how the raises could be handed out.

So far only 16 out of 67 school districts had completed negotiations with local unions over the pay raises.

According to the Governor's office, none of the local school districts have finalized negotiations to get their teachers raises.

We've reached out to officials with the Palm Beach County School District for comment and have not yet heard back.

Scott sent out a letter to school superintendents Tuesday where he said teachers ``deserve'' a pay raise. He added teachers should know their new salary level as soon as possible.

He said he asked Education Commissioner Pam Stewart to help districts to find a quick resolution to pay raise negotiations.

Here's a statement from the Governor's office:

Tallahassee, Fla. – Today, Governor Rick Scott sent a letter to all Florida superintendents thanking the 16 superintendents and school boards who have worked together to negotiate with unions and ratify collective bargaining agreements for teachers that resulted in pay raises. He also spoke with Department of Education Commissioner Pam Stewart today to ask her to work with the 51 county school districts who have not reached final agreements to encourage a quick resolution to the final teacher pay raise amount in these districts.

Governor Scott said, “For those districts that have not yet finalized collective bargaining agreements on teacher pay raises, I have asked the Commissioner of Education to provide any support and guidance superintendents need to come to a final agreement quickly. Florida teachers deserve a salary increase, and they should have the benefit of knowing their new salary level as soon as possible so they can best plan for their futures.”

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