This week's Living Your Happiest Life segment focuses on something many of us could use.

"Seven Steps to Increasing Your Energy".

Happiness and Success Coach Andi Vallely tells us that energy plays an important part of success.

"When we feel energized, then we feel more focused...and we are ready to do the things...a lot of times, being successful in our life, we have to do some things that we don't feel like doing.  If we're energized, we're going to feel like doing it."

Tips include taking deep breaths throughout the day and drinking the equivalent of half your body weight in the form of ounces of water each day.  

Andi is offering a series of workshops and you can get the details on those here.


Andrea L. Valelly, CHt. is a certified happiness and success coach and the founder of She is an internationally recognized and award-winning self-help blogger and writer and speaker.  She has been heard on numerous radio outlets including Blog Talk Radio, Transformational Talk Radio, and the "Happiness Expert" on The Happy Hour on the former News Talk 1180 in Philadelphia.

Andrea is currently on faculty at the world renowned Hippocrates Health Institute sharing her Live Your Best Life course as part of the curriculum for their Health Educator Program. She coaches at Lifescape Solutions, a healing center for addictions and trauma, and is the director for Let Your Soul Evolve, LLC.

Andrea continues as a highly sought after personal coach and inspirational speaker working with various organizations, universities and businesses. She is passionate about her cause and encourages others to experience their own greatest potential. 

Photo: Andrea Vallely