Nearly half of Florida's high schools are getting an A grade for the 2012-13 school year.
The grades released Wednesday by the Florida Department of Education show a slight increase in the number of A graded schools.
But the number of D and F rated schools also went up. There were eight high schools that received F grades as opposed to just three in 2012.

In Palm Beach County, 71 percent of traditional (non-charter) public high schools earned A or B grades last year.  Those included three schools that jumped to an A grade.   Boynton Beach High received D grades for several years and had thousands of students opting out to go to other schools last year, climbed to an A in 2012. 

Martin County was one of only five districts in the state where all of their high schools earned A grades.

Florida released grades for the rest of its public schools over the summer amid a controversy over the accuracy of the grading formula.
The state has a safety net provision in place that prevents a school from dropping more than one letter grade a year.
The state grades its high schools based on student performance on tests, as well as graduation rates and other factors.

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