A gassy smell was reported by dozens of people to Florida Public Utilities on Wednesday.

The stench was so bad in the Lantana and Lake Worth areas that managers at Rosalita's restaurant at Lantana Road and Congress forced everyone out of the eatery, after the gas odor was sucked in through the air conditioning vents.

Folks were worried that it was a dangerous gas leak. Palm Beach County Fire Rescue says the rate of calls from concerned citizens was increasing as the evening wore on.

FPU says a worker at their Lake Worth gate transfer station may have accidentally put too much of a harmless odorizing chemical into the gas lines. The odor is a safety measure, in case there really is a gas leak.

The county's emergency operations center sent a reverse 911 call to the 47,000 residents who live within the boundaries of Forest Hill Blvd. and Hypoluxo Rd. to the north and south,  and I-95 and the Turnpike to the east and west. The message said there was a strong smell, but no gas problem and that it would dissipate throughout the evening.

FPU says that you should always call if you smell gas, because it is impossible to discern the difference between a real gas leak and the smell of the harmless chemical.

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Videos: WPTV/YouTube