Boca Raton Attorney Attempts To Have President Trump Declared Mentally Incompetent

A Boca Raton attorney is continuing his quest to have President Donald Trump declared incompetent and ultimately removed from office.  

James Herb is a probate attorney who has filed several lawsuits, claiming that Trump's statements about immigrants, women and others are so offensive, he must be mentally unstable.  

Palm Beach County Circuit Judge Jaimie Goodman has thrown out all of the suits, ruling that Herb is not related to the President and has no basis for making the request and that Trump is protected by the First Amendment to make the comments he has made.  

Herb this week took his case to the West Palm Beach-based 4th District Court of Appeal.  He wants the court to order the President to undergo a psychological exam.  

Neither Trump nor his lawyers have been required to respond.

Photo: Getty Images

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