PBSO Deputy Launches A Non-Profit To Help Local Families

A Palm Beach County Sheriff's Deputy starts his own non-profit, stemming from his assistance of a local family.  We honor Deputy Ron Boiuso for "Protecting the Palm Beaches".  

The deputy went on a call checking on the welfare of some children when he found a single parent trying to take care of four kids, three of whom are disabled..there was no food in the home and out of concern the family might become homeless he took action.  

Boiuso contacted several business owners and they got involved with him, buying the family groceries, cleaning supplies, a new refrigerator and pest control services.  The deputy then got the family assistance from social services, and later helped them come up with a down payment for a nicer house.  

After word of Boiuso's work got out, he started receiving phone calls from other members of the community who wanted to help, so he started "Ministries Helping People in Need".  

Image: Getty Images

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