Protecting The Palm Beaches: Chief Jenkins Says Opioid Crisis Hits North Palm Beach

The Village of North Palm Beach is widely considered a safe place.  

Police Chief Rick Jenkins tells me crime is at a nine year low.  But he says the opioid epidemic has crept into his village.

"We're 13,000 residents (and) we have 30 sober homes here.  We do have a community police initiative to partner with sober homes.  But what I will tell you is there is a dramatic increase in overall opioid overdoses as well as opioid deaths in North Palm Beach."

Chief Jenkins says there's a misperception about the crisis.

"People have the perception that it doesn't affect more afluent communities.  It most certainly does.  It effects every community."

He also reminds residents not to leave their vehicles unlocked.  

That continues to be an issue and the chief says people are actually leaving guns in those vehicles and the weapons are being stolen.

Photo: Tetra images RF

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