LISTEN: In-Depth With The State-Released Jobs Numbers From April

There was a 0.5 percent decline in Palm Beach County's unemployment rate year-over-year in April, according to the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity.  

The 3.9% rate was down from 4.4 percent in April 2016 and a drop from 4.2% in March.Among the industries with the largest job gains over the year in our area, leisure and hospitality, which added nearly 5,000. 

"And we've seen leisure and hospitality for many years as one of the top sectors that's created jobs all over the state.  And we see it definitely in areas where there is a strong  tourism industry, so that's a good indicator."

Executive Director Cissy Proctor tells us professional and business services had the second highest job gains from April to April, at 3,400.  Statewide, private businesses added 15,000 new jobs last month.  

"We're continuing to see that employers are confident in our economy and are continuing to create jobs."

Proctor says local employers in several different sectors are adding jobs.

"You're growing in leisure and hospitality jobs.  You're growing in business and professional services jobs, which is showing that there is diversification in your economy.  As people are looking for work, they're finding it.  And they're finding it in different areas."

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