WATCH: Congressman Brian Mast Addresses Woman's Question About Abortion Funding

More than 300 people showed up for a third in-person town hall meeting hosted by Republican Congressman Brian Mast in Stuart Monday night.  He addressed concerns of constituents, including rumors that surrounded how the Representative got elected.  

Mast told our CBS 12 partners that a recent report that claimed he used data leaked from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee to adjust his own campaign strategy is not true.  

Most of his time during the event was spent addressing Obamacare and the need for the GOP to pass a replacement plan.  Mast, a wounded Army veteran, says getting rid of the individual mandate is a good thing for taxpayers.

In the video above, a Palm City woman asks Mast about Planned Parenthood and it's clear there were some in the crowd who were both supporters of the congressman and those who disagree with him.  

The woman berates Mast for not wanting to fund the organization, claiming that "97 percent of what they do is healthcare."  Mast responds with "that 3 percent that your talking about is over 200,000 abortions every single year."

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