Donald Trump has scared everyone into becoming a Democrat (NOT):

Donald Trump has scared everyone into becoming a Democrat (NOT) 

Bottom Line: I thought that headline would be something that someone in the godless, soulless, slanderous news media might write if asked the question about current political party identification. It's not true btw, not by a long shot. In fact, would you believe it if I said that more Americans ID as a Republican today than on Election Day? Btw, if you're generally surprised it's probably because you've been conditioned by into some of the slanderous media hype. According to Gallup's monthly party ID surveying that's absolutely the case. 

Here's where we were on Election Day 2016: 

  • 36% Independents 
  • 31% Democrats 
  • 27% Republicans 
  • 6% third party 

On Inauguration Day: 

  • 37% Independents 
  • 31% Democrats 
  • 31% Republicans 
  • 1% third party 

And today: 

  • 40% Independents 
  • 30% Democrats 
  • 29% Republicans 
  • 1% third party 

A couple of notable points...there are actually more Republicans and fewer Democrats today than on Election Day 2016. I'll give you a moment to digest that nugget. That being said we continue to see that more people don't ID with either which is critical to the bigger political picture. Republicans, from Trump on down, won the majority of the Independent support last year. It's ultimately how that 40% would break today that would provide a clearer political picture. That being said the media's effort to tear down the Republicans, starting with Trump, has only added to those who choose to ID with them (despite the GOP Congresses best efforts to turn off their core supporters). The more important point might be this however... 

What have the Democrats presented as an agenda to win people over? On the President's worst day and Congresses next act of incompetence you still don't have anything but a bunch of nasty, critical people on the other side but the media, which by and large chooses to be part of that nasty critical bunch, doesn't tell that particular story. Probably because they're too close to it to see it.   

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