Should we have mandatory national service? About half of us now say yes:

Should we have mandatory national service? About half of us now say yes:  

Bottom Line: It's rare that data surprises me but this research did. Gallup's most recent work on our view of service has demonstrated that about half of us now believe that at least one year of service to the country should be required. 

According to Gallup 49% of Americans support a mandatory year of service. Typically, when we think of service we're thinking of military service. The question posed opens up the possibility of non-military service as well. There is a bit of political bend to the answer...

  • 57% of Republicans favor the idea compared to 44% of Democrats 

Most interesting, to me anyway, is that when you compare those in favor compared to those opposed -there are 4% more Americans who'd like to see it happen. There's no existing political undercurrent calling for this type of legislation. But info like this could cause some to consider the idea. As unpopular as the draft has been in certain times previous in this country, many who were drafted believe that all young people should serve the country as they were once compelled to do. Being a limited government oriented person, I'm not inclined towards federal mandates such as this but it's at least a somewhat compelling topic given the responses by some many Americans and what many of us perceive to be a lack of understanding and appreciation for the freedoms we enjoy.  



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