How do you feel today? If you're stressed about what you spent over the wee

How do you feel today? If you're stressed about what you spent over the weekend consider this... 

Bottom Line: Here's the good news if you spent too much over the weekend. You're not alone. According to researcher Affirm 61% of us are reporting that what we're spending on the holidays is causing stress with our families - not just ourselves. This is an indication that the "too good to pass up deals" have ensnared more people than not. So if you're already stressed about holiday spending here's the first thing. Stop. Don't shop on Cyber Monday today and don't worry about the deals. No deal is worth more than your personal health and family. Speaking of the family... 

Aside from more than six in ten people already reporting stress about holiday spending, 34% are already saying they don't have a plan to pay for the purchases they've made. Yikes. That's clearly not good. So here's the thing. Get with your family and create a plan. Figure out where you stand, what you can spend (and account for) and stick to it no matter how good the deals appear to be. Here's the thing. Not only will it cause you less stress but the increased communication is also a good starting point for future financial decisions. Communication, or the lack there-of remains the top issue in marriages and relationships as it pertains to financial decisions...and here's the thing. The best deals for two years running online haven't come on Cyber Monday. It's been the Monday two weeks prior to Christmas. That'd be December 11th if it holds. So you have time to plan and if you still have money to spend ignoring today could actually result in better deals anyway.  

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