$33 billion of stuff...Another way to pay for the holidays

$33 billion of stuff...How you can pay for the holidays with what you already have: 

Bottom Line: If you're average you have hundreds of dollars' worth of old electronics and related products you never use. According to Decluttr.com the average person has $264 worth of stuff sitting around collecting dust.  

On average we're buying $531 worth of new electronic stuff per year often leaving older devices and products in the closet. One of the most commonly unrealized areas of value in the age of digital music and movies are CD's and DVDs. Many don't realize that they're potentially quite valuable. If you aren't into collecting and if you've moved on to digital music that's an easy space saver with financial benefit. There are a number of other examples as well. DVD players, if you don't use DVD's any longer. Older model phones, tablets, computers, etc.  

According to the researchers many don't realize there are buyers for these types of products. Only 32% of people surveyed say they intentionally hang on to older products or technology they no longer use. Everyone else is just leaving money in the drawer or closet.   

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