Part 1 - The Schiff Memo's 26 statements of fact

Part 1 - The Schiff Memo's 26 statements of fact 

Bottom Line: Just as was the case with the Nunes memo I've extracted every statement of fact out of the Schiff memo for specifically evaluating "just the facts". There are the specific statements of fact from the Democrat's memo.  

  • 1st claim...Christopher Steele's dossier information first considered by FBI in mid-September 2016 

  • 2nd claim...Special Council investigation not based on the Steele Dossier 

  • 3rd claim...Carter Page was no longer a Trump campaign associate at the time of first FISA request 

  • 4th claim...Carter Page first interviewed by the FBI in March of 2016 

  • 5th claim...Steele dossier was considered for initial FISA request but not subsequent renewals 

  • 6th claim...FBI never paid Steele additional money for the dossier 

  • 7th claim...George Papadopoulos came by information in April 2016 that Russians were interested in potentially releasing, anonymously, damning Clinton email information 

  • 8th claim...Through October of 2016, the Steele Dossier wasn't the catalyst for FBI counter-intelligence (FBI investigation had been underway for seven weeks prior to its consideration) 

  • 9th claim...FBI would have continued its investigation even if it hadn't obtained the FISA warrant against Page 

  • 10th claim...Four different judges approved the FISA warrants overtime 

  • 11th claim...Three renewals took place with the most recent being in June of 2017 

  • 12th claim...Page FISA request wasn't used to spy on the Trump campaign 

  • 13th claim...Page had ties to Russia starting in 2004 when he lived in Russia for business purposes 

  • 14th claim...Page was targeted by Russian officials (the specifics redacted) 

  • 15th claim...Page traveled to Moscow in July of 2016 to deliver a university commencement address 

  • 16th claim...Page met with high ranking Russian officials while in Russia 

  • 17th claim...Page contradicted himself in committee hearings November 2nd of 2017 

  • 18th claim...Steel's personal background was presented to the FISA count  

  • 19th claim...Unmasking based on surveillance didn't occur unless the persons unmasked were under FBI investigation 

  • 20th claim...Court was informed that Steele was hired by those with political motivations (though they didn't specifically say it was the DNC & Clinton's campaign) 

  • 21st claim...Steele had a prior "credible" record working with the FBI 

  • 22nd claim...Court was notified after Steele was terminated (for disclosures to media outlets) by the FBI 

  • 23rd claim...DOJ never paid Steele for Dossier 

  • 24th claim...Papadopoulos provided an added catalyst for FISA renewals (including after Trump was President) 

  • 25th claim...Bruce Ohr wasn't used during the FISA request process and his wife's involvement with Fusion GPS came after the creation of the dossier 

  • 26th claim...Peter Strzok and Lisa Page's texts weren't part of the FISA process 

First, the Nunes memo was more concise with fewer redactions as this memo spent additional time to attempt to specifically address characterizations in the Nunes memo. That necessarily made this memo slightly more difficult to specifically pull statements of fact from directly without conjecture. Now here's the these disprove the 30 statements of fact in the Nunes memo? That comes in part two.



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