Trending – Florida Senate Committee Approves School Safety Package

The rules committee in the Florida Senate has approved a school safety package, which includes some restrictions that could change safety in classrooms across the state.  The committee agreed to raise the age of buying and owning any gun to 21 and to create a three-day waiting period to purchase rifles in Florida.  Currently, the state of Florida does require the waiting period for handgun purchases, but not for the purchase of a long gun, according to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.  The committee also agreed to confiscate guns from people with mental health issues and give teachers the right to carry guns in schools.  Those who choose to participate would go through training, a background check, psychological exam and drug screening.  It should be noted that the teacher-carry portion was not included in a comprehensive plan for reform compiled by Governor Rick Scott.  Senators voted along party lines to reject a ban of so-called “assault weapons.”  The proposed legislation is scheduled to go through more committees in both chambers this week before being voted on. 


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