Three of the top ten airports in the country are in Florida (just not SFL)

Three of the top ten airports in the country are in Florida (just not SFL) 

Bottom Line: Nowhere is the ability to easily travel potentially more relevant than in Florida. Yeah California and Texas are larger states and yes, Atlanta's Hartsfield is the busiest airport in the world, but by the time you factor in the number of people traveling to tour and enjoy our state along with the number of part-time residents, business travelers and the unusual fact that it can take 13 hours (without traffic issues) to drive from one destination to another (Key West through the panhandle). Florida's really at the top of this list for overall importance for ease of flying. Money Magazine recently studied the best overall airports in the US and there was good news within Florida. They found that 3 of the 10 best were in our state. For those of us in south east Florida however - they're not around us. 

Money studied airports based on on-time arrival rates, security delays, customer experience scores from J.D. Power, reader reviews from Travel + Leisure, and traveler amenities such as shops and restaurants - to determine the best overall. With that in mind here are Florida's best overall airports by national rank: 

#9: South West Florida International (Fort Myers) 

#8: Jacksonville International 

#7: Tampa International  

So yeah, the closest on the list is across the state from us. So, what about the airports in our area? Money hasn't realized the entire list - just the top 15 and the bottom three. So, about the bottom three. Be glad our home airports aren't these (unless you're a snow-bird who does primarily use these) ... 

3rd from the bottom - JFK 

2nd worst - Newark 

worst overall - LaGuardia 

So yeah, there's a very specific geographic bend to those results - leaving you without a good option in the New York/ New Jersey corridor. We're fortunate to have three international airports within 60 miles of each other in SFL that are all far better experiences than those three.  



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