What does Facebook know about you (and everyone in your life)?

What does Facebook know about you (and everyone in your life)? You can download it and find out - here's how 

Bottom Line: If you've wondering what Facebook potentially has on you and your friends, your friend's friends, your dog walker from eight years ago, etc. you can find out. There's a little used feature on Facebook that lets you checkout everything that Facebook's stored about you and yours over the years. Part of what's most alarming by those concerned about the Cambridge Analytica data scandal is that 270,000 users who participated in surveys used on Facebook by Cambridge Analytica allowed the firm to access information on 50 million people. That's an eye opener.  

Due to settings, the user agreement no one reads, etc. the friend of your friend on Facebook is actually linked to your account through data back doors. A bunch of information about you that you might have never posted also might be if others cited you, tagged you, etc. So about how to see what Facebook's got on you... 

There's a page on Facebook called: Accessing Your Facebook Data 

Here's a link: https://www.facebook.com/help/405183566203254/ 

When you go there you'll find how to access your activity log (everything you've ever done on Facebook yourself) and how to download your info (everything Facebook has on you). So, what's available? Get this... there are 70 different categories of information that have been stored and potentially shared. What are they? Click the link above and check it out.

That's a jaw dropping amount of information. Again, we've asked for all of this to happen by virtue of using the social platform and having agreed to its terms and conditions. But I'd imagine that the extent of the data being stored would blow just about anyone's mind. With all of this information about you - you can see how valuable it is to Facebook and other's who'd want to buy. As others weigh what to do with regard to Facebook... A real notable defection took place the past couple of days.   

Elon Musk, didn't just decide not to advertise on Facebook. He had the accounts for Tesla and Space Ex deleted.  



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