Florida's job growth in March was...

Florida's job growth in March was... 

Bottom Line: Really strong. According to the March APD Report Florida once again outperformed the national average by adding 17,500 private sector jobs. Once again, the progress was across the board so there was a lot to like. Here are some of the highlights... 

By Industry:  

  • Professional and Business Services 4,900  

  • Natural Resources/Mining and Construction 2,000 

  • Transportation and Utilities 1,800  

  • Manufacturing 900  

So, here's the deal. There were 241,000 private sector jobs added nationally so with 17,500 jobs added in Florida we accounted for 7.3% of all jobs created and have 6.3% of the population for out-performance of 16% last month. Florida's job growth has bested the national average in 10 of the past twelve months and we've also gained across all industries in 10 of the past twelve as well. For the first quarter of the year we added 55,800 private sector jobs across our state accounting for 7.9% of all jobs nationally. Here's to hoping the momentum continues.



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