Too much of a good thing isn't - Here's how much you can booze...

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Too much of a good thing isn't - Here's how much you can booze before it's a bad thing 

Bottom Line: New research studying the boozing of 600,000 people was published in the medical journal - The Lancet. The news... Having a few too many a little too often is literally killing you. Here are the takeaways... 

  • Men can safely consume more alcohol than women 

  • Women shouldn't average more than one drink per day 

  • Men shouldn't average more than two drinks per day 

If that sounds a bit like a kill joy... This will really catch your attention. Let's say that you go above that level of consumption...What happens? The study demonstrated that the impact of averaging 10 to 18 drinks per week results in a lost year to two years of your life. If you go beyond those levels - your life is really likely to become imperiled. There have been a bunch of studies involving consumption that'd changed over time (I'm looking at you eggs & coffee) but the research regarding alcohol has been consistent and only more specific in recent years. A little can be good for you, a lot can kill you. There's a finer line between good and bad with booze than anything else I've studied. So cheers! Provided it's just a drink or too... 


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