It's the most wonderful time of the year (to sell your home)

It's the most wonderful time of the year (to sell your home) 

Bottom Line: The change in seasons has a duel meaning in South Florida. As spring kicks into full gear so does the real-estate buying season. There's almost always added demand by snow birds who rented but are looking to buy for the following season. After a record setting winter in much of the north-east. It's magnified... A lot of the folks who'd been frozen in place have also begun to look for their SFL refuge. Just yesterday my friend Lisa Treu said the spring season was starting out to be about as busy as any she's seen. Combine this info with what we're getting from Zillow and we're absolutely set up for the most wonderful time of this year to sell.  

According to Zillow the first two weeks of May are generally the two best overall weeks of the year to sell nationally, as families looking to relocate during the summer often get a jump on the process in May. Combine that with what we've got going on right now in south Florida and the next month has to potential to be one of the best in years for those looking to sell.  

Inventory is 8% lower than a year ago and with higher and rising mortgage rates there's an increased sense of urgency with those interested in buying. What's more is that according to Zillow the first two weeks of May result in the average home selling for $2400 more than at other times of the year due to increased demand. So, if you're thinking of selling it's the most wonderful time of this year to be doing so. 



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