"Road Rage" Incident Along I-95 In Boynton Beach Leads To Arrest

An update on what police initially believed was a "road rage" incident along I-95 last week.  

Florida Highway Patrol officers late Friday arrested 30-year old LiShell Jacobs, claiming she purposely hit a woman on the exit ramp to Gateway Boulevard on Tuesday night.  

Investigators met with Jacobs at a home in Boynton Beach around 11 p.m. Friday and placed her under arrest.  Jacobs said she had been lying about what happened and panicked and fled the scene when she heard 28-year old Erika Edwards scream.  

According to reports, Edwards and Jacobs were a couple, and got into a fight.  Edwards got out of the car along the exit ramp and was struck by the vehicle.  She was taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries and her relatives say has a cracked skull, broken hip bones, and is on a breathing machine.   

Jacobs faces several charges and is being held on $105,000 bond.


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