Digital threats to your Identity are real but most often it's still the dev

Digital threats to your Identity are real but most often it's still the devil you know 

Bottom Line: The proliferation of the digital threats and hacks have likely spilled, at least some of your identifying info, out to those who'd seek to use it for illicit purposes. While that's still very much a threat that's only likely to grow it's still not the way that your mostly likely to become a victim (believe it or not). Instead, someone you know or have personally encountered is still the most common threat for successful ID theft scams.   

According to a recent study 53% of all successful ID theft attempts are done by physical stolen information rather via online breaches. And who's to blame? 


Yikes, it stinks to think that there are that many people in and around your life who might be waiting in the wings try to take advantage of you. Hopefully those closest to you aren't those types of people but it serves as a big reminder of something to remember. You don't want to store the most important information, like your Social Security number/card, in a place that's readily accessible. You also shouldn't be providing your Social Security number to third parties for services either. That means utility companies, medial service providers, etc. None of them have a right to it and it's not required, even if they attempt to make it seem as though it's a requirement. And also remember to beware of the mailbox.  

You don't want to leave mail sitting around in the mailbox as that's a common way that info's stolen as well. Remember to pause service when you're away and you should probably consider a mailbox with a lock and key if you haven't already. While there are more online attempts these days the ones that're the most likely to leave the biggest mark are the one's that're generally closest to you. 



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