Hysterical Headlines for June 8th – When you're just not radical enough

posted by Brian Mudd -

Hysterical Headlines (Funny or Absurd) for June 8th  When you're just not radical enough... 

Bottom Line: Your daily doses of nonsense in the media and my takes on them... 

Hot Take: There's part of me that's sad about the guy who's never done anything but use Dad's money to run political office not jump in, but it might be outweighed by how unhappy Philip Levine might be about now. Btw, Anyone notice the irony about a team rejecting the President being referred to as America's team. I mean if we're playing that game they'd literally be the anti-American team, right? And just so we're clear. Democrats aren't anti-Trump enough? There's an altered state of reality that doesn't require a wink and a nod from a doctor to obtain. 

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