Part 1 - More money for South Florida's Schools Revisited...

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Part 1 - More money for South Florida's Schools Revisited... 

Bottom Line: On Friday I had a number of listeners reach out with thoughts and additional questions on back of the story I put together depicting the considerable increases in revenue to each school district in the tri-county area. My report, in case you missed it, depicted the following increases in revenue for each of the SFL school districts. Here's a quick recap... 

Broward: $74 million over last year and $152 million over two years  

Miami-Dade: $87 million over last year and $144 million over two years 

Palm Beach County: $477 million over last year and $629 million over two years 

As I cited on Friday it's more than a tough sell for the PBC District to suggest they didn't have $7 million in funds for PBSO or $25 million for enhanced mental health training, administers for schools. One question that's come up previously that did again was school bus safety. A bus driver has indicated on multiple occasions concern over the lack of effort placed into enhanced school bus safety. It's a valid point. The most common question I received was about per student spending in the schools. Here's that update. Based on the most recent student counts it comes to... 

Broward: $8,929 

Miami-Dade: $9,116 

Palm Beach County: $15,420  

Clearly, one of those numbers isn't like the others and again – enough with the nonsense for PBC's School District attempting to suggest they need yet another tax increase to make ends meet. But here's the relative story. Florida's average spending per student... 

Florida: $8,920 

Put it altogether and we see that all three school districts have above average per student spending. That's the starting point for this conversation. In part two we'll tie all of the storylines together.  



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