Part 2 - More money for South Florida's Schools Revisited...

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Part 2 More money for South Florida's Schools Revisited... 

Bottom Line: In the first part of today's story I addressed the revenue increases received once again and broke out per student spending in South Florida's tri-county area compared to the state. All three have above average school spending per student in our state but Palm Beach County's in particular is off-the charts higher. That's where I'll pick up the story.  

Florida's per student spending was $8,920 for the 2017-2018 school year. Compared to state averages...  

Broward: +$9 or .001% higher 

Miami-Dade: +$196 or +2.2% higher 

Palm Beach County: +$6,500 or 72.9% higher 

On a relative basis it can be argued that given the increased intricacies of operating Broward's Miami-Dade's schools – spending at those levels is easily justified and compliance with the new requirements based on the Marjory Stoneman Douglas School Safety Act does place an added burden on those two districts without revenue offsets for them from the state/elsewhere. The same is not even remotely true in Palm Beach County. The revenue increases derived from a strong and growing economy, housing market, etc. But especially due to the windfall from the 16.7% sales tax increase in PBC (which the school district nets half of) places PBC in a financial position that should enable it to meet all needs, challenges, and cost increases without even blinking an eye – let alone suggesting other tax increases are necessary 

The more you know... 



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