On the rise. Our view of the Supreme Court

On the rise... Our view of the Supreme Court is higher than it's been in years  

Bottom Line: It's interesting. On one hand the Supreme Court seems to be more politicized than it used to be but without hard evidence to support that idea it could just be a perspective driven by recentcy bias. After all it's been 30 years since the name Bork became an adjective... 

Despite many controversial high-profile rulings in recent years, public support of the Supreme Court has been rapidly rising in recent years. After reaching a record low favorability rating of just 48% in 2015 (on back of the ACA ruling), it's rebounded to 66% most recently. With 2/3rd's of Americans approving of the high court, it tops the 64% of Americans who held the court favorably in 1985 for example. The Supreme Court is also one of the few institutions that most Democrats and Republicans can agree on.  

SCOTUS Favorability: 

  • Democrats: 62% 

  • Republicans: 71% 

So, while cases like the Colorado baker case and the Ohio voter rolls gain attention that’s often portrayed in the media along stereotypical partisan lines – it doesn't appear to have been disseminated by most Americans that way. In fact, if anything this could be perceived as yet another faith restoring moment that reminds us that news media coverage has much less of an impact on us than we often perceive  



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