Two sides to stories. One side to Facts. Trump, media & North Korea.

Two sides to stories. One side to Facts. Trump, media & North Korea. This is what's real 

Bottom Line: My head hurts from the extent of the pathetic reporting that has emitted from most sources non-stop for two days. Here's an example. 

To the writer of this story – this was as real as TV gets – just not in the context presented. Here's what's real. 

  • North Korea isn't lobbing missiles over Japan and hasn't engaged in any provocation for longer than any time since Kim Jung Un took over as ruler 

  • The three American hostages held captive by North Korea have been home for nearly five weeks  

  • The former Nuclear testing site for North Korea has been disabled and the tunnels collapsed blocking access to the site 

  • Identified American Korean War remains are in the process of returning to the US right now 

That's all real. On TV, not on TV – as real as it gets. The world is demonstrably a safer place. Americans have been granted freedom. Some families will be granted closure after more than 60 years. Anyone and any reporting that cites anything less than this is false and slanderous and they're making my head hurt. 



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