Important headlines - From Cuban tourism to Strzok's love letters

Important headlines - From Cuban tourism to Strzok's love letters 

Excerpt: A year after President Donald Trump came to South Florida to announce he was “canceling” his predecessor’s “one-sided deal with Cuba,” not much seems to have changed. 

“What it did was make people think, ‘I can’t go to Cuba,’” said Renee Radabaugh, CEO of Paragon Events, a Delray Beach agency that offers Cuba tours. “But it really didn’t change much as far as people-to-people exchanges.” 

The regulations on how much money you can take to Cuba are the same, but the rules on bringing back a tightly limited number of cigars and rum bottles “have been loosened a lot,” Radabaugh said. 

“You just can’t legally bring back 500 boxes of cigars,” she said. 

In fact, the signature features of former President Barack Obama’s historic diplomatic opening to Cuba remain in place. 

Hot Take: It's important to remember what's at stake here. It's not just about selfies on the beach. It's about the repression of the Cuban people. Simply put, when the communist regime was failing economically, sprouts of free markets and freedom with private businesses popping up were starting to crack the iron curtain. When tourist dollars flowed in and the Cuban government reaped the benefits, they began seizing many of those business that had been created. That's the rest of this story. And it needs to be told.  

Hot Take: While he's doubtlessly one of the five agents referred for investigation at the Bureau, It's a great point. How is it possible that someone so blatantly driven by ideological animus could be allowed to continue at the Bureau? 



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