Part 1: Pulse and Stoneman Douglas - The impact of FBI failures

Part 1: Pulse and Stoneman Douglas - A reminder of why a cleansing of the FBI is paramount 

Bottom Line: It's unfortunate, but predictable, that on the back of an incredibly revealing 568-page report that demonstrated incompetence, insubordination and endless failures to follow protocol at the FBI – that most in the political realm choose to see what they wanted to see in the report. There are two sides to stories and one side to facts. The known facts include: 

  • James Comey botching the Clinton investigation and breaking protocol upon its completion 

  • A politically motivated Justice Department 

  • A series of high ranking FBI agents who used terms like "retards" to describe Trump voters 

  • A desire by multiple FBI agents to "stop" Donald Trump from becoming President 

  • Confirmation that Hillary Clinton's illegal private server compromised classified information obtained by hostile governments 

  • President Obama had knowledge of, and was complicit in Hillary Clinton's illegal communication system 

There are others but those are all demonstrable from the IG's report. On Friday I mentioned that it's also instructive to review the IG's report through the prism of the Nunes and Schief memos as well. There's enough overlapping in the investigations to corroborate much of what's in the IG report. But that's all stuff that's focused on conspiracies and improprieties at the highest levels of government. In part two I'll discuss the implications of what poor leadership at the top resulted in closer to home.  



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