Apple's change to emergency calls that'll have enormous implications for fi

Apple's change to emergency calls that'll have enormous implications for first responders 

Bottom Line: Most of the conversation about location services on mobile devices is less than positive (to say the least). The creep factor in someone being able to remotely follow your every move, know you patterns and habits, etc. While reforms have taken place that largely leave you in control of what location services you want to be used and what information you're comfortable sharing – there's a small but significant automatic change that Apple just implemented for its next generation OS (iOS 12 which hits this fall).  

Starting with iOS 12, when 911 is called Apple will automatically transmit location info for the mobile device to first responders. Data from all available sources will be used (towers, wi-fi & GPS). In Apple's testing it's accurate to 50 meters or better. This has been created in conjunction with approval and guidance by the FCC. This is the same type of technology just implemented by Uber into its app. While many who highly value privacy may have concerns about this type of automatic technology – it's doubtlessly a huge help in a time of emergency – especially when one's not sure of their surroundings and/or isn't in a position to be able to talk to the dispatcher.  



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