Important headlines for June 19th – "Fixing" nature in South Florida

Important headlines for June 19th  "Fixing" nature in South Florida  

Bottom Line: These are stories you shouldn't miss and my takes on them... 

Excerpt: South Florida in recent years has been a soggy mess and 2018 is shaping up to be no different: May smashed a century-old record for rainfall to kick off a wet season that — for the third year in a row — began like it never ended, with water gauges already well above normal. But this year, Everglades restoration could offer some relief. 

Nearly 30 years after they were proposed, two projects key to fixing the region's plumbing problem are finally nearing completion. A third, another leg of a Tamiami Trail bridge rising above the swamp with spectacular views, will be done next year. 

By allowing more water to flow under a road that damned up the marshes and parts of Florida Bay for nine decades, the projects will unlock the bottom of the Everglades and begin to reconnect the increasingly unmanageable pieces of a vast system that stretches to Lake Okeechobee. The work should help revive marshes and leave South Florida better equipped to deal with harsher seasonal shifts and worsening flooding fueled by climate change and increased development. Only one stumbling block remains: getting everyone — federal and state water managers, farmers, wildlife managers, residents and a national park — to agree on exactly how to run the system.

Hot Take: How about as naturally as possible? In a series of endless frustrations – we once again see the implications of our manipulation of nature. There's far more I don't know than do about what's best for Lake O', The Everglades, the intra-coastal and related waterways, etc but they all have something in common. The more we do to manipulate them, the harder we have to work to try to "fix" them. Literally every man-manipulated plan, from the Lake O' Dike, to discharges, to the Everglades Restoration Project currently require fixes. So yes, to the extent that we can undo our manipulation to address specific issues that need to be fixed, we likely have a much better chance of success compared to further efforts to manipulate nature for its benefit.  

Hot Take: Correct, the "Deep-State" provably existed and much of it is still intact in Washington. It's proven that many in mainstream media have been directly linked to the Deep-State. With the depth of the conspiracy during the Obama Administration (FBI, Justice Department, State Department), it's also provably far more pervasive than Watergate. This isn't hyperbole, it's evidenced and were it not for Donald Trump beating 16 Republican candidates, Hillary Clinton, the news media, and as it turns out, the Obama Administration – we'd likely have never known it existed.  

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