Part 2: Florida's voter composition. A look at South Florida

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Part 2: Florida's voter composition. A look at South Florida

Bottom Line: In the first part of today's story I broke out the changes in voter composition year over year in Florida. To quickly recap, Republicans, no party and third-party affiliations all gained over last year while Democrats actually declined in our state. As a follow-up here's what the tri-county area looks like compared to the state. 


  • Total voters: 1,138,271 

  • Democrats: 50% (+12.8% above state average) 

  • Republicans: 21.5% (-13.8% below state average) 

  • No Party: 28% (+1% above state average) 

  • Third party: 0.4% (+.2% above state average) 


  • Total voters: 1,383,771  

  • Democrats: 42% (+4.8%) 

  • Republicans: 26.5% (-8.8%) 

  • No Party: 31.2% (+4.2%) 

  • Third party: 0.3% (-.3%) 

Palm Beach County: 

  • Total voters: 922,098 

  • Democrats: 42% (+4.8%) 

  • Republicans: 28.2% (-7.1%) 

  • No Party: 29.1% (+2.1%) 

  • Third party: 0.7% (+0.1%) 

It's interesting how similar Miami-Dade and Palm Beach Counties are politically despite significant demographic differences but generally what you likely already knew to be true, South Florida being left of the state, is what's at play in terms of the depiction of events by politicians and the news media in South Florida.  



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