Tracking Trump for June 21st - What the President has been up to...

Tracking Trump for June 21st - What the President has been up to...              

Bottom Line: The President had 270 executive actions, a Supreme Court Justice and tax reform to show for his Presidency through Wednesday morning. Here's what's happened since...        

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  • The Fake News is not mentioning the safety and security of our Country when talking about illegal immigration. Our immigration laws are the weakest and worst anywhere in the world, and the Dems will do anything not to change them & to obstruct-want open borders which means crime! 

  • It’s the Democrats fault, they won’t give us the votes needed to pass good immigration legislation. They want open borders, which breeds horrible crime. Republicans want security. But I am working on something - it never ends! 

  • “FBI texts have revealed anti-Trump Bias.” @FoxNews Big News, but the Fake News doesn’t want to cover. Total corruption - the Witch Hunt has turned out to be a scam! At some point soon the Mainstream Media will have to cover correctly, too big a story! 

  • Had a great meeting with the House GOP last night at the Capitol. They applauded and laughed loudly when I mentioned my experience with Mark Sanford. I have never been a fan of his! 

  • Don’t worry, the Republicans, and your President, will fix it! (a compilation video of Democrats from Bill Clinton through Barak Obama discussing the need for comprehensive immigration reform) 

  • Look what Fake ABC News put out (Headline read that Manafort pleads guilty to 5 charges of Manslaughter as the had a video of Donald Trump on the screen). I guess they had it prepared from the 13 Angry Democrats leading the Witch Hunt! #StopTheBias  

  • Just landed in Duluth, Minnesota. Two events planned - looking forward to them and being with @PeteStauber and his wonderful family! 

  • So sorry, people wanting to get into the already packed arena - I LOVE YOU ALL! 

  • Thank you Duluth, Minnesota. Together, we are MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! 

  • Just returning from the Great State of Minnesota where we had an incredible rally with 9,000 people, and at least 10,000 who could not get in - I will return! Congratulations to @PeteStauber who is loved and respected in Minnesota! 

  • ALL-TIME RECORD OPTIMISM! (citing record high manufacturing optimism of 95.1%) 

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