Hysterical Headlines for July 9th – The Day After tomorrow...!?

posted by Brian Mudd -

Hysterical Headlines (Funny or Absurd) for July 9th  The Day After Tomorrow... Again!? 

Bottom Line: Your daily doses of nonsense in the media and my takes on them... 

Excerpt: As a ferocious hurricane bears down on South Florida, water managers desperately lower canals in anticipation of 4 feet of rain. 

Everyone east of Dixie Highway is ordered evacuated, for fear of a menacing storm surge. Forecasters debate whether the storm will generate the 200 mph winds to achieve Category 6 status. 

This is one scenario for hurricanes in a warmer world, a subject of fiendish complexity and considerable scientific research, as experts try to tease out the effects of climate change from the influences of natural climate cycles.

Hot Take: Hypothetical advanced factual information or the first scene from an attempted sequel to the Day After Tomorrow? I report, you decide... 

Btw, not to be totally dismissive of this fear-based effort to scare you into doing whatever the carbon footprint agenda may be today... It's certainly possible that what they're projecting here may happen one day. But then again, we've had multiple mass extension events that culminated with Ice Ages and periods of extreme heat, all before we were here to make it all happen. Unless it was the carbon footprint of the dinosaurs. Think of how much flatulence they must have been responsible for...! It'd likely put the cows to shame. 

Hot Take: And for 98 other Senators (John McCain's not healthy enough to participate) but you're going to attempt to bully the women, right? This is the media's war on Republican women. It's terribly unfortunate that there's a leftist/media war on Republican women aimed at attempting to intimidate them into voting as they see fit. What happened to successful, intelligent women being able to think for themselves? Or does that only count when the independent thought lines up with your political agenda? 

Hot Take: Points for creativity... 

Until Tomorrow... 



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