Conspiracies from Tallahassee to the other St. Petersburg

Hysterical Headlines (Funny or Absurd) for July 10th  Conspiracies have gone mainstream from Tallahassee to the other St. Petersburg 

Bottom Line: Your daily doses of nonsense in the media and my takes on them... 

  • Rick Scott’s Senate financing still mostly a mystery – Palm Beach Post 

Excerpt: Three months since he announced for U.S. Senate, and $10 million in TV advertising later, Floridians still don’t know much about who is funding Gov. Rick Scott’s free-swinging campaign. 

Scott’s first campaign finance report won’t be made public until July 15 — deep into his bid to unseat three-term Democratic U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson, whom the governor in a flood of TV ads has cast as a political relic and symbol of entrenched Washington. 

Hot Take: Ok... And the point is? This was the lead story on the Post yesterday.  And just curious, would you view his campaign any differently based on the funding source? And the public disclosure date of July 15th - isn't really as "deep" as it seems given that it's still a month and a half from the primary election let along the start of the general election cycle.  

Hot Take: Love the mental visual of George Will sitting across from President Trump being told he's fired.  

Hot Take: !!! They figured it out! This has all be a 30+ year Russian plot. The Casinos, the TV shows, the real-estate empire, the kids, the wives – even the failed airline – all part of the Russian plot to throw you off of what's really going on. The master plan for Donald Trump to become the first Russian pawn president. That was all in the unauthorized version of the Art of The Oligarch.  

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