Which politicians the Supreme Court Justices most resemble

Which politicians the Supreme Court Justices most resemble (including Rubio and Nelson) 

Bottom Line: In my recent two-part story dispelling the myths of Justice Kennedy as a "swing" justice and the Supreme Court as being highly partisan generally - I presented the percentage of conservative vs. Liberal rulings on split decisions to provide a clearer indication of the ideological decisions by those justices. If you missed it here's the breakout... 

  • Alito: 84% conservative 

  • Roberts 82% conservative 

  • Scalia 81% conservative 

  • Thomas: 80% conservative 

  • Kennedy 71% conservative 

  • Breyer 21% conservative 

  • Sotomayor: 19% conservative 

  • Kagan 18% conservative 

  • Ginsburg 15% conservative 

We're more informed about our perceptions of specific politicians. So, I've decided take the voting records of US Senators and give you the closest ideological comparisons for each justice based on their votes since Donald Trump became President. I only included those with a near identical match.  

  • Alito: Rand Paul (83%) 

  • Kennedy: Marco Rubio (68%) 

  • Sotomayor: Kirsten Gillibrand (80%) 

  • Kagan: Claire McCaskill (81%) 

  • Ginsburg: Bill Nelson (85%) 

This once again illustrates the point that there's often a disconnect between media advanced narratives and the actual facts of one's voting record. In fact, much of that is on display with our two senators. Rubio's record is more moderate than perhaps his reputation while Nelson's is more liberal than often projected. Here's something that might surprise... The two Senate leaders – Mitch McConnell and Chuck Schumer are likely less partisan than you'd imagine. The two leaders vote together on policy 35% of the time. Two sides to stories and one side to facts... 



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