What we want when it comes to US immigration policy

What we want when it comes to US immigration policy (isn't what's reflected in the news media) 

Bottom Line: It's not uncommon for there to be a massive disconnect between what the "perceived" view of Americans is by virtue of what's commonly portrayed in news media and what the average American's actual views of issues are on the issues of the day. According to the Media Research Center 91% of the news coverage of Trump administration policy is negative. Clearly 91% of Americans don't disagree with the President on policy. On the topic of immigration in particular there've been many in the media and political circles surprised that the President's polling hasn't suffered under the weight and style of media reporting of the current enforcement efforts with illegal immigration at the southern border. This will help explain why...  

Set aside the topic of illegal immigration for a moment. What are the current American views on legal immigration? Recently the Pew Research Center dug in and here's what they found... 

  • 38% think we should keep legal immigration at current levels 

  • 32% think legal immigration should be increased 

  • 24% feel legal immigration should be decreased from existing levels 

Anything jump out there to you? First, more Americans don't think we should alter existing legal immigration levels than any other consideration. Second, 62% of Americans either think we shouldn't increase legal immigration or should actually decrease it from current levels – let alone increase illegal immigration! This means that only 38% of Americans would even be potentially open to the conversation of easing the conditions for illegal immigrants. It demonstrates the incredible disconnect between media coverage and American views once again.   

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